Plot Implant, Predeposition and Diffusion Profiles

Produce a graph of approximate Ion Implant, Predeposition and Diffusion Concentration Profiles

1). Choose a method of dopant introduction

Ion Implant           Predeposition

2). Ion Implantation

Energy: keV
Dose: /cm2

2). Predeposition

Use Advanced Predep models (beta)
 HH  : MM  : SS

3). Diffusion

 HH  : MM  : SS


This calculation is not a substitute for proper process simulation in most real-world cases. This tool can be useful for understanding the dopant diffusion process and may produce usable results in certain cases. Be aware of the following real-world conditions which may produce significant error:

Given all of these limitations, is this tool useful for any real-world situation?
Yes. The implant prediction is reasonably accurate for a 7 degree implant. For a predep, you can be reasonably certain that the simple model is giving a lower limit of diffusion depth. If you need a junction deeper than a certain value, this calculation offers guidance. For the implant transient, likewise you can assume that the actual diffusion will be greater than predicted here if implant damage is present. An implant followed by a long time diffusion should produce reasonable results, and implant followed by a short RTA should be reasonable to first order.
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