QuickFit Data Plotting, Function Graphing, Curve Fitting

Produce a custom graph of your data and function, and fit the function to the data ... in a few seconds.

Graph Title:
X-axis Label: Make X log scale
Y-axis Label: Make Y log scale

Data (points):

Function (optional):

Fit (optional):

Enter data as either space
or comma separated values, Eg:

0 0
1 1
2 4

Function Format
operators, precedence like C:
a*pow(x, 2)+b*x+c
std trig (Radians), eg:
sin(a*x), acos(b*x)
and other:
log(x) is natural log (base e)
log10(x) is log base 10
many other functions....
Fit the function to the data?

Optional Guess values for any
fit parameters used in function:
a =
b =
c =
d =
e =
f =

Number Format:
Exponential notation is supported as

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